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Coaches; above is the handbook please print your own copy and bring to the pre season meeting on Wednesday 8/28 at 6:30pm, at Boces garden city.
  by adam M. Wednesday, 8/21/2019
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Please note that the Nassau Coaches Invitational will be held on 9/21/19 at Bethpage State Park. We provide a ton of medals and awards with a meet that is only 2 HOURS long! Entry can be found on Milesplit and TullyRunners!
  by Michael R. Thursday, 8/15/2019
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There will be a mandatory cross-country coaches meeting on Wednesday August 28th at 6:30 PM at Nassau Boces in Garden City
  by Neal L. Tuesday, 7/30/2019
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If there are any coaches available during the dinner tonight, we could use help selling and ripping raffle tickets around 6:15. Thank-you!!
  by Michael R. Tuesday, 6/11/2019
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Please make sure that you register yourself and athletes for our Spring Track and Field Awards dinner next week! The NCTCA can only provide awards for the athletes who are registered and pay for the dinner.
  by Michael R. Monday, 6/3/2019
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Please make sure that you register yourself and athletes for our Spring Track
  by Michael R. Monday, 6/3/2019
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AAA COACHES- If anyone lost their keys at the County Meet @ Westbury please let me know. DARIN HARRISONWESTBURY TRACK COACH(516) 547-6574
  by darin H. Friday, 5/24/2019
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Feel free to bring them down to Bulldog Saturday morning. Great weather and a fast track.. All are welcome !!!
  by Stephen H. Wednesday, 5/15/2019
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Is anyone hosting an invitational on Friday 5/17 with FAT timing for 100HH? Need a seed time for a runner for Counties. Thanks!
  by Ksenia F. Wednesday, 5/15/2019
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I had an athlete Alyssa Host from Plainedge throw her PR and best of season in the shot put last week while competing in the pentathlon at Great Neck North. I converted her 9.97m to 32'7" and added it to the shot results of that meet. Is this OK for me to do?
  by Brian C. Monday, 5/13/2019
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This is also a good venue to help out our new young teacher/coaches or former athletes for Jobs.Hewlett High School will have 3 high school science jobs open and available. Coaching jobs may also be available. If you have anyone let them know. Contact
  by Stephen H. Thursday, 5/9/2019
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Off topic, but may help some people out. I know many of you Coach XC in the fall, but there are two open Football positions at Calhoun if anyone is looking or knows of someone needing a football for this fall. Feel free to reach out to me (516)-924-3714
  by Joseph M. Wednesday, 5/8/2019
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Congratulations and many thanks for all those who helped man the water stops at the LI Marathon yesterday! The conditions were not ideal but you braved them... so to you who showed up to help- kudos!Paul Limmer and Mike Frazer
  by undefined I. Monday, 5/6/2019
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  by Jeremiah P. Sunday, 4/28/2019
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also for Port Invite, you are allowed 2 open and 1 relay event.
  by Jeremiah P. Sunday, 4/28/2019
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CoachesReminder that the 101st Port Washington Invite will be Friday May 3 at 430pm. We will have the invite 200m and 1500/1600m.(3 athlete entry limit). Send seeds to We will have FAT(Tony Torro) and will use cards for field and relays, stickers for all open. Plenty of food, beverages, and music. Hope you ca make it!
  by Jeremiah P. Saturday, 4/27/2019
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Another Baldwin note...if you plan on running the varsity relay please contact Pete Buckley (see below) ASAP. Thank you.
  by Paul S. Thursday, 4/25/2019
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Notes for the Baldwin Fr/So Meet...To speed things along we will be using labels for the running cards or labels for the field events but the athletes need to know their number...relay cards with athlete numbers is sufficient. Thirty years- Wow.
  by Paul S. Thursday, 4/25/2019
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We will be caught up with importing the results on Monday morning - including Big Blue Classic.
  by Charles B. Sunday, 4/21/2019
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Charlie can we please import the results fro, the Big Blue Classic in Staten Island on 4/12-13....thanks
  by Joseph M. Saturday, 4/20/2019
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Come out on Sat 4/27 for the 30th annual Baldwin Frosh/Soph meet. Please send an email if you plan on attending, our fax is down. Lots of metals and each team gets a free baton. buckleype@baldwinschools.org516-581-5763
  by Peter B. Friday, 4/19/2019
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Good Morning. Can someone tell me where I can find posted results for the North Shore Frosh/Soph?Thanks!
  by kevin C. Friday, 4/19/2019
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COACH LEIGH: I see you're having trouble with the popup coming up on the site. Don't take it as an insult on you not being responsible - lol. It's tied to to the code of highlighting your team in the rankings. Should only be coming up once. Maybe some issue with your computer blocking cookies. Does it happen when you are logged in? Send me an email or call me and I will help fix it for you. Let me know if others are having the same issue.
  by Charles B. Thursday, 4/18/2019
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All athletes competing in the East Meadow Invitational will need the BARCODED LABELS from just-in-time-racing. Contact Michael Ringhauser with any questions you may have of the meet.
  by Michael R. Wednesday, 4/17/2019
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Where did the full results from the Cougar Meet Go? Thanks
  by ed T. Tuesday, 4/16/2019
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PLEASE remove it!!!!! We are responsible enough that ONE reminder is PLENTY not every single time you navigate around the site!!!!
  by leigh P. Tuesday, 4/16/2019
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That OBNOXIOUS popup box about check your favorite team that pops up EVERY time I go anywhere on this site is OBNOXIOUS
  by leigh P. Tuesday, 4/16/2019
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Can anyone tell me what is going on as far as the Herricks Invitational? Is it still going on? Thank you (Coach T, Wyandanch HS)
  by Patricia T. Monday, 4/15/2019
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Brian, contact coordinators to have info changed on website.
  by Nicholas A. Sunday, 4/7/2019
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Who should I email about changing team information on this site? I decided to fool around with it and now I'm pending and not recognized as a coach anymore and can't do anything. We have old coaches still listed that should be deleted also.
  by Brian C. Thursday, 4/4/2019
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Three events as it has always been at the Coaches Invitational. Make sure you have BARCODED LABELS for every athlete in every event.
  by Michael R. Wednesday, 4/3/2019
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How many events can an athlete compete in for the Nassau Coaches Meet? I'm guessing 3 since I don't see anything in the paperwork.
  by Brian C. Wednesday, 4/3/2019
(IP. address (09:41 AM)
Teams competing in the Nassau Coaches Invitational must have BARCODED Labels for each athlete in each event. Labels can be printed off of Tony Toro's website (
  by Michael R. Tuesday, 4/2/2019
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Coaches come run on Carle place's new fast track at our invitational on May 9th
  by Paul S. Thursday, 3/28/2019
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Coaches,Registration is open for the New Balance Nationals Outdoor....go to the NSAF website...don’t be late and miss out ..Please volunteer your kids for the LI Marathon water stops...we need you!
  by undefined I. Friday, 3/15/2019
(IP. address (11:22 PM)
Coaches,Registration is open for the New Balance Nationals Outdoor....go to the NSAF website...don’t be late and miss out ..Please volunteer your kids for the LI Marathon water stops...we need you!
  by undefined I. Friday, 3/15/2019
(IP. address (06:07 PM)
Coaches,The registration links for NBNO are now open! I would hope to see many Sec VIII athletes in Greensboro.PL
  by undefined I. Friday, 3/15/2019
(IP. address (03:20 PM)
ALL COACHES: email has been sent out based on the contact info provided to us from the meeting. If you did not receive email, please contact me and we will update your info
  by Nicholas A. Friday, 3/15/2019
(IP. address (12:32 PM)
Coaches,It was great seeing old faces and many new ones the other night...please remember to look for the opening of the NBNO registration site..coming soon...don’t be shut out.And, as Michael just wrote, please sign up for the volunteer water stops for the LI Marathon....the event has always depended on SecVIII teams and coaches to man the water’s a good team building exercise too. We need you!
  by undefined I. Friday, 3/15/2019
(IP. address (10:38 AM)
If your team would like to host a Long Island Marathon Water Stop and you did not sign up at the meeting last night, email me at
  by Mike F. Thursday, 3/14/2019
(IP. address (07:10 AM)
Oops! Left out Manhasset, Hewlett and Fdale....sorry...
  by undefined I. Wednesday, 3/13/2019
(IP. address (06:48 AM)
CONGRATULATIONS to all Sec VIII athletes who competed in this past weekends’s New Balance Nationals..Perhaps the best showing in years... VSS, Uniondale, Massapequa, Freeport, So Side, No Shore, EM and others..In particular, All American honors were garnered by Wakely of Massapequa, Jadan Hanson of Udale, the SMR of VSS ... hope I did not miss anyone.PL
  by undefined I. Wednesday, 3/13/2019
(IP. address (06:38 AM)
CORRECTION: NEW date for 30th annual Baldwin Frosh/Soph meet will be Saturday, APRIL 27th. Thanks for your support and patience!
  by Peter B. Tuesday, 3/12/2019
(IP. address (11:01 AM) any athletes are interested in training in Kenya with Kenyans during a service trip, a company called shoulder to shoulder is accepting applications.I am happy to field any questions, as I have kids going.
  by kevin C. Tuesday, 3/5/2019
(IP. address (12:14 PM)
Meet directors, please email me entries for your meet. They will be posted to website
  by Nicholas A. Monday, 3/4/2019
(IP. address (02:21 PM)
The Bob Baratta meet will take place on March 29th. Entry linked here.
  by Damon R. Monday, 3/4/2019
(IP. address (02:01 PM)
The Nassau Coaches Invitational will be held on Sat. April 6th at Cold Spring Harbor HS. Meet entry will be posted and emailed out this week! Also, this week is the last chance to sign up for the Indoor Track Awards Dinner. Prices rise after tomorrow!
  by Michael R. Sunday, 3/3/2019
(IP. address (03:38 PM)
CORRECTION: 30th annual Baldwin Frosh/Soph Invitational will be held on Sat 4/6. Free fist bumps from Paul Schaefer again this year!!!!
  by Peter B. Thursday, 2/28/2019
(IP. address (02:14 PM)
Sorry about the multiple posts. Message board displays the previous posts as a big mess. Start date is the 11th. Email me ,, if any questions.
  by Nicholas A. Thursday, 2/28/2019
(IP. address (10:59 AM)
Spring:B/G Lacrosse– Monday, March 4, 2019 – Sunday, June 9, 2019 Baseball - Monday, March 4, 2019 – Sunday, June 9, 2019 Softball - Monday, March 4, 2019 – Sunday, June 19 2019B/G Track - Monday, March 11, 2019 – Sunday, June 9, 2019B Tennis - Monday, March 18, 2019 – Sunday, June 2, 2019 B/G Golf – Monday, March 11, 2019 – Tuesday, June 4, 2019G Badminton – Monday, March 18, 2019 –Sunday, June 2, 2019
  by Nicholas A. Thursday, 2/28/2019
(IP. address (10:52 AM)