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   The Staten Island Varsity Champs took place on Tuesday, November 24 , 2015 at Clove Lakes State Park (Results not yet available)
   The Walt Brem Track & Field Series 1 takes place on Saturday, November 28 , 2015 at Farmingdale HS
    Samantha DeStefani is now ranked #2 (18:24.3) in the league for 3 Mi
    Alex Tosi is now ranked #5 (13:24.1) in the league for 4K
    Katie Petersen is now ranked #2 (13:58.3) in the league for 3000 M XC
    Christopher Florio is now ranked #1 (15:51.4) in the league for 3 Mi
    John Dublynn is now ranked #5 (08:32.6) in the league for 1.5 Mi
    Megan Gordon is now ranked #5 (16:00.6) in the league for 2.5 Mi
    Aidan Smith is now ranked #4 (16:12.0) in the league for 5K
    Stephanie Gerland is now ranked #5 (15:43.6) in the league for 4K
Upcoming Meets
1. Foot Locker Northeast Regional
Saturday 11/28/2015
2. Walt Brem Track & Field Series 1
Saturday 11/28/2015
3. Conferences 1, 3
Tuesday 12/1/2015
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Happy Thanksgiving to all of our coaches, athletes, officials, fans and their families!
  by coachdegs Wednesday, 11/25/2015
(IP. address (07:56 PM)
I take that back, the invitational is now posted under Direct Athletics (NCTCA Holiday Invitational). All teams wishing to compete will have to register for the meet on Direct Athletics prior to 12/5. I will send an e-mail to all coaches who have declared their entry later today. Sorry for the confusion.
  by michael.ringhauser@yahoo.com Wednesday, 11/25/2015
(IP. address (11:11 AM)
You only need to enter your roster on Direct Athletics. Ocean Breeze will take the rosters of all teams who email me an intent to compete and have labels made for the day of the invitational.
  by michael.ringhauser@yahoo.com Tuesday, 11/24/2015
(IP. address (04:03 PM)
I'm trying to find the Nassau Coaches meet on direct athletics, but it is not showing up - is it under a different name?
  by starczej@vschsd.org Tuesday, 11/24/2015
(IP. address (10:56 AM)
Winter Track coaches - Rosters are due TODAY! We currently have 45 boys teams submitted and 41 girls teams submitted. We appreciate you adhering to the deadline and taking care of this before the end of the day today! Contact your coordinator if you are having any trouble. Thank you!
  by coachdegs Sunday, 11/22/2015
(IP. address (12:44 PM)
The change was made to the awards and the program for the cross-country dinner. The site will likely not be updated.
  by michael.ringhauser@yahoo.com Thursday, 11/19/2015
(IP. address (08:38 PM)
I just wanted to make sure that the correction was made for Cross Country All-Conference Girls (Conference 1). Saafiyah Savage (Valley Stream Central) was supposed to be Tasnova Osmani (Valley Stream Central). It hasn't been changed on the site yet. Thanks.
  by CoachMMcQ@aol.com Thursday, 11/19/2015
(IP. address (05:54 PM)
Thank you to the 28 boys teams and 27 girls teams that have already begun the roster entry process. Please remember all rosters are due on this system no later than Sunday, November 22nd. Thank you all!
  by coachdegs Thursday, 11/19/2015
(IP. address (10:39 AM)
Who wants the xc season to end? No one! Enter the Nike Regional on the 28th....a sure way to build a distance program...all of Nassau's top programs make it an annual affair...kids love the event..the Nike hat is a treasure.....each kid gets one....go to the NXN website and enter...you have until the 24th...your kids deserve it..they really do...easily the best xc event of the year...races for all abilities..if you have questions call me631-266-2728 Paul Limmer
  by Mep alum Tuesday, 11/17/2015
(IP. address (12:01 PM)
Winter Track Coaches - Happy 1st Day of Winter Track season! Some of you have already started the roster entry process, thank you! Please remember all rosters are due through this system no later than Sunday, November 22nd. You all received an email with detailed instructions that should be very helpful. Please contact your respective coordinator if you have any questions. Have a great season!
  by coachdegs Monday, 11/16/2015
(IP. address (11:07 AM)
We have now posted all invitationals we are aware of for this upcoming winter season. These are the invitationals being run by Nassau County coaches. If you have questions about specific invitationals please contact the meet directors. Thank you!
  by coachdegs Thursday, 11/12/2015
(IP. address (01:47 PM)
North Shore Invitational information posted above
  by coachdegs Thursday, 11/12/2015
(IP. address (01:44 PM)
New entries posted above. NCTCA Invite at Ocean Breeze, Friendship Games series and Hot Chocolate Relays. Please contact meet directors with any questions. Thank you!
  by coachdegs Monday, 11/9/2015
(IP. address (02:02 PM)
Walt Brem is in the handbook. Friendship was posted on here Friday. Entries for Friendship will be posted later today.
  by coachdegs Monday, 11/9/2015
(IP. address (12:04 PM)
Friendship games dates???Walt Brem??Anyone have any info on these Thanks
  by curious Monday, 11/9/2015
(IP. address (10:46 AM)
Today's race schedule: 10:00 AM CLASS C/D BOYS;; 10:05 AM CLASS C/D GIRLS;; 10:30 AM CLASS A BOYS;; 11:00 AM CLASS A GIRLS;; 11:30 PM CLASS B BOYS;; 12:00 PM CLASS B GIRLS;; Approximately 12:45 PM AWARDS CEREMONY
  by Charlie Saturday, 11/7/2015
(IP. address (09:43 AM)
thank youfguido@rufsd.org
  by fguido@rufsd.org Friday, 11/6/2015
(IP. address (02:57 PM)
Coach Guido you control the class year for new athletes. You have to enter the year of graduation. For seniors 2106, juniors 2017, sophomores 2018, freshman 2019. Let me know if that helps.
  by coachdegs Friday, 11/6/2015
(IP. address (02:01 PM)
Coach Degs, when entering new names on the roster why are all the athletes coming in as Seniors why is this???
  by fguido@rufsd.org Friday, 11/6/2015
(IP. address (01:33 PM)
All winter track coaches should have received an email from me today containing the step by step instructions for roster entry. You may start entering rosters today. Entry deadline is November 22nd. If you did not receive an email from me please email kristinfrazer@gmail.com. Thank you and Have a great weekend!
  by coachdegs Friday, 11/6/2015
(IP. address (12:57 PM)
Friendship Games dates:Running (meets held at Nassau Community College)12/14 - Girls12/23 - Boys1/04 - Girls1/08 - Boys1/18 - Girls and BoysField (meets held at Farmingdale High School)12/2612/301/02Entry forms will be available online within the next few days.
  by coachdegs Friday, 11/6/2015
(IP. address (12:00 PM)
Roster entry. Sorry for misprint.
  by coachdegs Thursday, 11/5/2015
(IP. address (02:18 PM)
Entry roster info is being finalized and a mass email will be sent to all coaches outlining the entry process. I am hoping to have this information tomorrow or Monday at the latest and will then share it with our coaches. Thank you!
  by coachdegs Thursday, 11/5/2015
(IP. address (02:17 PM)
When can we start entering the rosters for Winter ??
  by mag Thursday, 11/5/2015
(IP. address (01:35 PM)
I have been informed that we should have all Friendship Games dates by the end of this week. They are finalizing the field dates. We will release when we have all info. Thanks.
  by coachdegs Thursday, 11/5/2015
(IP. address (10:38 AM)
Do we have dates for the friendship games yet?
  by Coach22 Thursday, 11/5/2015
(IP. address (10:00 AM)
The All-Conference link above now shows the correct document (It was showing the all-county when it was first posted)
  by Charlie Wednesday, 11/4/2015
(IP. address (08:13 PM)
Coach Tony Sparandara long time coach of Lynbrook and Lawrence died yesterday. Please keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers. He was a good man and great coach.
  by Lynbrook Wednesday, 11/4/2015
(IP. address (06:03 PM)
The all-Conference is not shown. All-County is displayed twice. Thanks
  by et Wednesday, 11/4/2015
(IP. address (06:00 PM)
I have a Lynbrook boys coach and Lynbrook girls coach confirmed for Winter. Thank you!
  by coachdegs Wednesday, 11/4/2015
(IP. address (09:43 AM)
Adelphi will have another clinic Sunday November 15th. And don't forget to take advantage of the St Johns clinic listed above.
  by Sam Dee Wednesday, 11/4/2015
(IP. address (09:43 AM)
The last USATF pre season Conditioning session is this Sunday at Island Trees. Over 60 student athletes have participated and we have seen great improvement. If is listed above
  by Sam Dee Wednesday, 11/4/2015
(IP. address (09:41 AM)
Lynbrook just log on and look in the upper left and click on profile. Then make sure you are listed as the coach of your team. Then I believe you are good to go.
  by Sam Dee Wednesday, 11/4/2015
(IP. address (09:39 AM)
Coach Degs if I am writing here is it safe to assume I am registered or is there something else I should be doing. Joe Lynbrook Girls
  by Lynbrook Monday, 11/2/2015
(IP. address (07:59 PM)
FYI: There was a glitch on the site today (Monday) between 10AM and 12:30 PM where some athletes were dropped from the conference rankings. It was restored at 12:30 this afternoon.
  by Charlie Monday, 11/2/2015
(IP. address (02:26 PM)
to all coaches. This Wednesday's free clinic at St Johns is a must. Please take advantage of the educational opportunities being offered by St John's Adelphi and the USATF Long Island. http://section8.trackconference.com/athletics/reports/announcement_details.cfm?ID=379
  by Sam Dee Monday, 11/2/2015
(IP. address (10:31 AM)
Degs - We could put teams together for that race. Let me know if you get closeShonerkamp
  by curious Friday, 10/30/2015
(IP. address (12:59 PM)
Thank you winter track coaches! We have 55 schools participating in winter track this year. 44 girls team coaches are registered in trackconference and 45 boys team coaches are registered. Thank you for taking care of this so quickly. If you have not yet registered in the system as a coach please do so asap. Thank you! Have a great weekend!
  by coachdegs Friday, 10/30/2015
(IP. address (11:07 AM)
This Sundays USATF Pre Season conditioning program will become more event specific. If you have kids who are looking to improve their technique please encourage them to come to Island Trees Sunday at 4 pm. Info on the clinics is linked above.
  by Sam Dee Thursday, 10/29/2015
(IP. address (10:12 AM)
if we had 6 teams we would run it. Please let me know if you are interested. just post here
  by Sam Dee Thursday, 10/29/2015
(IP. address (09:20 AM)
Only two teams responded that they would like to compete so we cancelled it.
  by Sam Dee Thursday, 10/29/2015
(IP. address (09:19 AM)
Any word on the 5 x 2 mile relay on Nov. 11 or Nov. 13?
  by mag Wednesday, 10/28/2015
(IP. address (01:43 PM)
Coach W I don't know who you are. Once you are registered please click on "my profile" scroll to bottom and under "request to be listed as coach or team admin" If it doesn't say "Coach" for Winter Track please click "Edit" and submit that request. As soon as it shows up as pending I will approve it. You need to be listed as a coach in order to have access to roster entry, etc. Thank you! Please send an email to kristinfrazer@gmail.com with any questions you may have. Thanks!
  by coachdegs Wednesday, 10/28/2015
(IP. address (01:05 PM)
Any dates for the Friendship Games yet ?
  by mag Wednesday, 10/28/2015
(IP. address (12:34 PM)
Should we receive some sort of confirmation that we are registered? Or is the very fact that I'm writing something all the confirmation I need?
  by Coach W Wednesday, 10/28/2015
(IP. address (11:16 AM)
Winter Track coaches - this morning I approved the requests of 44 coaches to register for this site. Thank you for taking care of this so quickly. Please register by October 28th if you have not done so already. The roster management tool and instructions will be available late next week. If you were not at the meeting and your AD has not confirmed you as the coach, I will not approve your request until I receive notification from your AD. Thank you all!
  by coachdegs Wednesday, 10/28/2015
(IP. address (08:56 AM)
Attn XC Coaches: Please look above at Coaches Corner for the Championship Information and Sportsmanship Award Information
  by Coach Levy Tuesday, 10/27/2015
(IP. address (11:05 AM)
Hi mag. You must register and then once we receive your request we can approve you as a coach and you can go into the roster entry tool. Winter Track practice starts November 16th so once you know who your athletes will be for the season you are welcome to start entering. Thank you!
  by coachdegs Tuesday, 10/27/2015
(IP. address (09:30 AM)
When can I start entering the teams for Indoor season ?
  by mag Tuesday, 10/27/2015
(IP. address (08:58 AM)
The Conference League Standings link above shows the final XC standings for all conferences and divisions.
  by website admin Monday, 10/26/2015
(IP. address (03:25 PM)